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Privacy Policy

Information Collection, Usage, and Security

LOLLY AND PAPI LLC is a simple store that happens to be online.  We make no effort to mine your personal data to drive marketing efforts.  We do save email that you send to us, and billing information is stored long enough for us to deliver products and to be paid.  We may send you an email from time to time about new offers at our store, and you always have the option to unsubscribe from our marketing efforts.  We make occasional ad buys through sites like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others, and any of our ads that you see are due to their algorithms under their terms of service, not ours.  We most certainly do not sell, rent, or share your personal information to any third party for marketing purposes.

The bit of information that is collected directly by Lolly And Papi (for example your email, ship-to and billing information) is stored using some password protected accounts with cloud-service providers (Google, Shopify, Amazon, etc.).  A host of cloud-based, interlinked web services work together automagically to make your online purchases fast and simple (for example, apps from our app store, payment gateways, and shipping providers), but Lolly And Papi doesn’t control how these services use your personal information, and you should review their respective policies for collecting and using information to ensure it meets your privacy expectations as you click through your transaction.  If you have read this far and find that last statement not particularly satisfying, we sympathize with you, but you and I both know there is not much we can do about it if we want to maintain our digital connections to the world.

Oh, there's more. Not really anything new here, but a restatement of how we use data using language of California's Consumer Privacy Act. See our CCPA Opt Out page.

Finally--and most importantly--if you experience anything that seems suspicious and related to a business transaction at our store, please ignore any linked email addresses and web sites identified with that transaction and contact us directly at