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How often are new boxes released?

Every 4-6 weeks we create a new box.  Join our email list to get special offers and new releases first.

What is in the activity box? 

Every box is created a little differently, but every box has an instruction booklet with pictures and supplemental learning to include a variety of activities, book suggestions, movies and games.  Descriptions are on every product page.

Who are these boxes for?

Our Boxes are designed for ages 4-12 to bring families together and build connections.  However, they can also be used by the child alone, to give parents a little "breathing time".  Our instruction booklets are engaging and easy to follow.  After all, they are designed by a 7 and 10 year old with a momma's touch. 

When will I get my order?

Orders placed before the 15th, ship by the first of the month. (For example, order September 12, receive an activity box first week of October.)  We are a family business, always contact us for special requests.  We will try to accommodate.


What is the difference between Activity Boxes and Holiday Boxes?

Activity Boxes are crafts for kids that are consumable.  Holiday Boxes are reusable and are designed for 2 or 4 children.


How do you get older kids to craft?

Sit down and do it too!  Crafts and art are a great way to practice fine motor skills without knowing it.  Model crafting and talk through what you're doing.


How do I contact LollyAndPapi?

Email us at!



Why is crafting and sensory play important?